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The Company

ATLAS NORTH AMERICA (ATLAS-NA) was established in September 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH of Bremen, Germany.  ATLAS-NA’s primary facility is located in Yorktown, Virginia near the US Navy’s Atlantic Fleet Headquarters, Norfolk Naval Base, and NATO’s Allied Command for Transformation.  A second office was established in Panama City, Florida adjacent to the Naval Surface Warfare Center.  Our staff is comprised largely of former Naval Officers and Senior Enlisted Ratings with significant operational experience in all aspects of Naval Warfare to include Mine Warfare (MIW), Surface Warfare (SUW) and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW).  The Panama City facility is focused on supporting the Mine Warfare community.

The primary goal of ATLAS-NA is to introduce the full range of ATLAS products into the US defense market and to provide technical and logistics support to those ATLAS products already in the US inventory.  Our initial focus is on ATLAS line of Remotely Operated and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (ROVs/AUVs) i.e., SeaFox, SeaCat, and SeaOtter.
We are currently executing mine neutralization contracts with the SeaFox Mine Neutralizer based on an urgent operational need statement (UONS) for the US Navy. 

  • The installations are in the AVENGER class mine countermeasures vessel, the MH-53E mine countermeasures helicopters, and with the US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community. 

  • More importantly, ATLAS-NA, with access to the ATLAS Group systems fielded throughout NATO and the Rest-Of-World Navies, can introduce these incredible warfare capabilities within the US defense industry. 

  • Many of these completed, fielded, and modular systems may be applicable to the US Navy Surface, Submarine, and Expeditionary Warfare communities.

In November 2014, ATLAS-NA acquired Marine Sonic Technology (MST) Ltd, a small company with a fantastic reputation in towed side scan sonars and designing and manufacturing sonar transducers for the Autonomous Undersea Vehicle (AUV) market.  MST is completely integrated under one roof with ATLAS-NA.  For more info on MST, see

ATLAS NORTH AMERICA serves the U.S. market with a specific focus on undersea warfare and unmanned vehicles.  Located close to the U.S. Navy’s Atlantic Fleet bases and Washington, D.C. for enhanced customer service, ATLAS-NA is capable of marketing any of the ATLAS Group products as well as a broad range of associated technical and logistics support services for the entire product life-cycle.

Contact person

Andy Culbreath

phone +1 757 463-0670