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We want to make the sea safer. We at ATLAS support with our products and services. Thus we increase their endurance, flexibility and power and help them to concentrate fully on their missions. 

As a developer, producer and as a systems house for maritime high-technology is being used to support our products, to allow for an effective and smooth operational use. As an important link in the supply chain we provide the according services: 
This may range from quick repairs to integrated training solutions up to innovative public-private partnerships providing Full Service Support - for all systems. 
We at ATLAS SERVICES use our know-how to make customer-specific solutions real - each and every time, according to the customer-required service level.

We are here for our customers, because of our customers. We listen, we understand, we develop together with our customers tailored solutions.
This is the challenge, driving us at ATLAS SERVICES to excel each and every day. This way we are a flexible and reliable partner to our customers in an ever changing world - today and in the future.

Product Support

Product Support is the entirety of support measures that support an ATLAS product. Starting with a logistic support analysis (LSA) during the earliest stages of a product lifecycle and a project, an ATLAS product gets delivered with an exactly tailored Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Package, adapted to the customer’s maintenance levels. 
Such ILS package usually consists of spare parts (onboard / base / depot level), documentation, special tools and test equipment, training packages. 

During the operational life of an ATLAS product, which may well exceed 40 years, ATLAS will continue supporting the customer.

The contractual form is flexible, ranging from a single-order relationship to full-service contracts. The most common form of a Service Contract is a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA). A service contract is quicker: cuts down the administrative delay that arises from typical MoD procurement processes of budget allocation / request / offer / negotiation / order. more transparent: gives transparent processes and prices more effective: as it establishes a fixed network of persons supporting a system.

Logistic Support

We offer logistic services designed to ensure or support the supportability of naval systems. These services range from a comprehensive package directly aimed at ensuring the supportability of the vessel in its entirety. Centering on Logistic Management Support, other services like documentation or obsolescence management can be modularly included as required. Alternatively selected services can be provided independently, e.g. documentation support.

Our support relies on widely used and proven standards, e.g. the ASD suite of ILS Specifications. All activities are backed by flexible database and software solutions. Our promise is to support you within your logistical system and to adapt our solutions and new equipment to your existing system, not the other way round.

  • We ensure sustainable long-term combat-readiness for your proven & expensive equipment Ensured supportability we consider all aspects of the supportability of your equipment
  • Reduced lifecycle costs we generate interoperability and synergies, e.g. by employing ASD standards
  • One logistical system to support them all we integrate new equipment into your logistical system
  • Up-to-date logistical picture & early warning system we monitor, analyze and forecast the logistical status of your equipment 

Engineering/ Solutions

Engineering and Solutions activities focus mainly on Non-ATLAS products and comprise system integration, modification, and retrofit and upgrade support. The main tasks consist in:

  • Analysis of the current configuration and preparation of a feasibility study
  • Development of a realization- and integration concept
  • Procurement of components (hardware, software) and services
  • Integration on board, installation of hardware, setting to Work, functional demonstration and tests on system level
  • Customer approval and System handover to the customer
  • Documentation, training, selection of spare parts and STTE (special Tools and Test Equipment)

Acting as a whole system integrator leads to the following benefits for the customer:

  • Independent from manufacturer, enabled to find the best solutions for customers requirements
  • Overview of complete system not only single subsystems providing comprehensive know-how of many systems at the same time
  • Comprehensive turnkey solutions taking care of all interfaces without any additional responsibilities for the customer
  • Full integration service set From the survey to live trials from one hand
  • Large project management expertise creating synergy effects and enabling to manage sub suppliers and OEMs 


The ATLAS myCADEMY offers comprehensive training solutions to the customer. Starting with training needs analyses, ranging via basic knowledge training courses for e.g. hydroacoustics, math and physics over to system-specific operator and maintainer courses, the concept does additionally cover the tailor-made development of technology-supported, constructivist training environments that base on a so-called “blended learning”-approach, i.e. the optimum combination of face-to-face and PC-supported tuition.

Aiming for the provision of an encompassing training concept, the ATLAS myCADEMY does not only offer training courses or computer-based lessons but also PC-based training tools for the creation of procedural and situational knowledge – the modularly structured PC-based Trainer family: Submarine, ASW and Mine Warfare.

By providing an overarching training portfolio that covers all organisational, content-related, technological and didactical aspects from the scratch, the ATLAS myCADEMY is capable to accompany the customer training-wisely throughout the complete service life of his ATLAS systems and beyond.

Training technologies are integrated into a reasonable overall training concept that puts the customer into a position in which he can make optimum use of his personnel, site and time resources. Additionally, the modular structure of the PC-based Trainer family enables the customer to step-wisely extend his training capabilities by e.g. purchasing the Sonar module first, the C+C module in the following year and the Weapon Control module as a final order.


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